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Managed Funds

The tables below give a brief summary of the managed funds available through Freedom of Choice Super.

For more information about each of the investment options, please refer to the Fund Information documents or relevant PDS.

Diversified Funds

MIN0010AUMercer Defensive FundPDS
BTA0805AUBT Wholesale Conservative Outlook FundPDS
FSF0033AUColonial First State Wholesale Conservative FundPDS
MIN0009AUMercer Conservative Growth FundPDS
RIM0012AURussell Conservative Fund - Class C UnitsPDS
VAN0109AUVanguard Conservative Index FundPDS
AUG0001AUAustralian Ethical Balanced FundPDS
FSF0040AUColonial First State Wholesale Balanced FundPDS
MIN0014AUMercer Moderate Growth FundPDS
N/AAMG MySuper (not available through Retirement Service or Portfolio Service)PDS
RIM0013AURussell Diversified 50 Fund - Class C UnitsPDS
SCH0047AUSchroder Real Return Fund Wholesale ClassPDS
VAN0108AUVanguard Balanced Index FundPDS
CRS0002AUAberdeen Multi-Asset Real Return FundPDS
AUS0100AUAustralian Unity Balanced Growth PortfolioPDS
BAR0813AUBlackRock Scientific Diversified Growth FundPDS
PWA0822AUBlackRock Tactical Growth FundPDS
RFA0815AUBT Wholesale Active Balanced FundPDS
MIN0013AUMercer Growth FundPDS
MMF0115AUOnePath Wholesale Managed Growth TrustPDS
AMP0452AUResponsible Investment Leaders Balanced Fund - Class APDS
RIM0011AURussell Balanced Fund - Class CPDS
SBC0815AUUBS Balanced Investment FundPDS
VAN0110AUVanguard Growth Index FundPDS
MIN0012AUMercer High GrowthPDS
RIM0030AURussell High Growth Fund - Class C UnitsPDS
VAN0111AUVanguard High Growth Index FundPDS

Sector Funds

MAQ0187AUMacquarie Master Cash FundPDS
SBC0812AUUBS Cash-Plus FundPDS
ETL0122AUEQT Wholesale Mortgage Income FundPDS
Australian Fixed Interest
CRS0004AUAberdeen Australian Fixed Income FundPDS
WFS0486AUAltius Bond FundPDS
AMP0557AUAMP Capital Corporate Bond Fund Ð Class APDS
FSF0027AUColonial First State Wholesale Australian Bond FundPDS
ETL0421AUEQT Diversified Fixed Income FundPDS
MAQ0211AUMacquarie True Index Australian Fixed Interest FundPDS
ETL0015AUPIMCO Australian Bond Fund - Wholesale ClassPDS
SCH0028AUSchroder Fixed Income FundPDS
ETL0072AUSpectrum Strategic Income FundPDS
SBC0813AUUBS Australian Bond FundPDS
VAN0001AUVanguard Australian Fixed Interest Index FundPDS
International Fixed Interest
AMP0254AUAMP Capital International Bond Fund - Class APDS
CSA0038AUBentham Wholesale Global Income FundPDS
ETL0409AUColchester Global Government Bond FundPDS
MAQ0277AUMacquarie Income Opportunities FundPDS
ETL0016AUPIMCO EQT Wholesale Diversified Fixed Interest FundPDS
ETL0018AUPIMCO Global Bond Fund - Wholesale ClassPDS
ETL0019AUPIMCO Global Credit Fund - Wholesale ClassPDS
SBC0819AUUBS International Bond FundPDS
VAN0103AUVanguard International Fixed Interest Index Fund (Hedged)PDS
Australian Shares
HOW0121AUAlphinity Wholesale Socially Responsible Share FundPDS
AMP0449AUAMP Capital Sustainable Share Fund - Class APDS
ARO0011AUArnhem Australian Equity FundPDS
AAP0103AUAUSBIL Australian Active Equity FundPDS
AUG0020AUAustralian Ethical Advocacy FundPDS
AUG0019AUAustralian Ethical Diversified Shares FundPDS
AUS0030AUAustralian Unity Platypus Australian Equities FundPDS
BFL0004AUBennelong ex-20 Australian Equities FundPDS
MAL0072AUBlackRock Australian Equity Opportunities FundPDS
RFA0025AUBT Wholesale Ethical Share FundPDS
FSF0961AUColonial First State Wholesale Equity Income FundPDS
FSF0043AUColonial First State Wholesale Geared Share FundPDS
FSF0003AUColonial First State Wholesale Imputation FundPDS
FSF0016AUColonial First State Wholesale Leaders FundPDS
ETL0399AUEQT Australian Equity Income FundPDS
ETL0079AUEQT Wholesale Flagship FundPDS
FID0008AUFidelity Australian Equities FundPDS
ETL0069AUGrant Samuel Tribeca Alpha Plus Fund - Class APDS
IML0002AUInvestors Mutual Australian Share FundPDS
ADV0046AUMaple-Brown Abbott Australian Share Fund WholesalePDS
TYN0028AUNikko AM Australian Share Wholesale FundPDS
AJF0804AUOnePath Wholesale Australian Share TrustPDS
HHA0001AUPengana Australian Equities Income FundPDS
IOF0206AUPerennial Value Shares Wholesale TrustPDS
PER0116AUPerpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI FundPDS
PER0071AUPerpetual Wholesale Geared Australian Share FundPDS
PER0046AUPerpetual Wholesale Industrial Share FundPDS
SCH0101AUSchroder Wholesale Australian Equity FundPDS
SBC0817AUUBS Australian Share FundPDS
VAN0002AUVanguard Australian Shares Index FundPDS
JBW0009AUYarra Australian Equities FundPDS
Australian Shares Emerging Companies (or Smaller Companies)
AAP0104AUAUSBIL Australian Emerging Leaders FundPDS
AUG0018AUAustralian Ethical Australian Shares FundPDS
AUS0108AUAustralian Unity Acorn Capital Wholesale Microcap FundPDS
RFA0061AUBT Wholesale MicroCap Opportunities FundPDS
RFA0819AUBT Wholesale Smaller Companies FundPDS
EGG0001AUEley Griffiths Small CompaniesPDS
PER0048AUPerpetual Wholesale Smaller Companies Share FundPDS
WHT0008AUSpheria Australian Smaller CompaniesPDS
International Shares
CRS0005AUAberdeen Actively Hedged International Equities FundPDS
ETL0032AUAberdeen Emerging Opportunities FundPDS
NML0348AUAMP Wholesale Global Equity Value FundPDS
MAL0018AUBlackRock Global Allocation Fund -Class DPDS
FSF0038AUColonial First State Wholesale Global Resources FundPDS
ETL0107AUEQT Core International Equity FundPDS
MMC0110AUEQT Valu-Trac Equity Income Generation FundPDS
FSF0908AUGeneration Wholesale Global Share FundPDS
GTU0008AUInvesco Wholesale Global Opportunities Fund - Hedged - Class APDS
MGL0019AUIronbark GTP Global Equity Agribusiness FundPDS
MGE0001AUMagellan Global FundPDS
MGE0007AUMagellan Global Fund (Hedged)PDS
ETL0041AUMFS Fully Hedged Global Equity FundPDS
MIA0001AUMFS Global Equity TrustPDS
HOW0002AUPengana International Fund - EthicalPDS
HHA0002AUPengana International Fund - Ethical OpportunityPDS
PLA0004AUPlatinum Asia FundPDS
PLA0100AUPlatinum International Brands FundPDS
PLA0002AUPlatinum International FundPDS
PLA0003AUPlatinum Japan FundPDS
MAQ0635AUPremium Asia FundPDS
MAQ0441AUPremium China FundPDS
FSF0975AURealindex Global Shares Hedged Fund - Class APDS
AMP0455AUResponsible Investment Leaders International Share Fund - Class APDS
SCH0006AUSchroder Asia Pacific FundPDS
ETL0071AUT Rowe Price Global Equity FundPDS
SBC0822AUUBS International Share FundPDS
VAN0005AUVanguard Emerging Markets Shares Index FundPDS
VAN0003AUVanguard International Shares Index FundPDS
VAN0105AUVanguard International Shares Index Fund (Hedged) - AUD ClassPDS
AUS0035AUWingate Global Equity Fund - Wholesale UnitsPDS
ZUR0061AUZurich Investments Global Thematic Share FundPDS
JBW0103AUYarra Global Small Companies FundPDS
Alternative Assets
AMP1179AUAMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund - Class APDS
AMP1685AUAMP Capital Multi-Asset Fund Ð Class APDS
MAL0016AUBlackRock International Gold Fund - Class DPDS
AFM0002AUGAM Absolute Return Bond FundPDS
DEU0109AUIronbark Global Diversified Alternatives FundPDS
HOW0052AUKapstream Wholesale Absolute Return Income FundPDS
HFL0104AULHP Diversified Investments FundPDS
PMC0103AUP.M. Capital Enhanced Yield FundPDS
TGP0034AURARE Infrastructure Value Fund - unhedgedPDS
MAQ0482AUWinton Global Alpha FundPDS
Property Securities
APN0001AUAPN Property for Income Fund PDS
FSF0004AUColonial First State Wholesale Property Securities FundPDS
ETL0005AUSGH LaSalle Global Listed Property Securities FundPDS
ETL0119AUSGH Property Income FundPDS
MGL0010AUIronbark RREEF Global (ex-Australia) Property Securities FundPDS
PAL0002AUIronbark RREEF Paladin Property Securities FundPDS
MGE0002AUMagellan Infrastructure FundPDS
HBC0008AUSG Hiscock Wholesale Property Securities FundPDS
SBC0816AUUBS Property Securities Fund PDS
VAN0004AUVanguard Australian Property Securities Index FundPDS
VAN0018AUVanguard International Property Securities Index FundPDS
Direct Property
AMP1015AUAMP Capital Core Property Fund - Class APDS
YOC0100AUAustralian Unity Property Income FundPDS

Please note that all information contained in the tables above is attributable to or based on statements made by the underlying investment manager and has been included in this website with the consent of that underlying manager. The Trustee is not the issuer of any statements made by the underlying manager and, to the extent permitted by law does not accept any responsibility for information in the tables above.

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