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Freedom of Choice Super offers you a wide range of investment alternatives to help you take control of your super and construct a portfolio which matches your investment needs.

With Freedom of Choice Super, you can choose any combination of the following investment types:

Direct Shares
Enables you to invest in all direct shares listed in the ASX 300. You also have the ability to invest in a range of approved ETFs.

Term Deposits
A selection of Term Deposit products are available, with terms ranging from 30 days to 60 months, at competitive rates.

Managed Funds
Allows you to choose from our diversified investment categories enabling you to eliminate the guess work in selecting your investments. Freedom of Choice allows you to select from over 150 different wholesale diversified and sector investment funds giving you access to a diverse range of asset classes and investment styles.

We offer a large range of ethical investment options including investments certified by the Responsible Investment Certification Program.

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