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Applying for new cover

Applying for Insurance Cover

To apply for new Freedom of Choice Insurance cover through your Freedom of Choice Super account, members need to complete the Insurance Application Form..

For more information about applying for insurance cover, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or contact us directly on 1800 806 013 or

How much does it cost?

The cost of insurance cover depends on age, gender and occupation. For a quote, you can either contact Freedom of Choice Super directly on 1800 806 013 (or at or alternatively speak with your financial adviser.

Why get insurance through your Freedom of Choice Super account?

  1. Freedom of Choice insurance rates are highly competitive. Taking out insurance through Freedom of Choice Super allows access to group insurance rates which are often more competitive than taking out a stand-alone insurance policy.
  2. Taking out insurance through superannuation allows members to pay premiums with pre-tax dollars – therefore costing less.
  3. Paying for insurance through super means that you don’t have to pay for cover out of your own pocket.
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