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Socially Responsible Investments

At Freedom of Choice, we think it is important to allow you to invest the way you want.  For some of our clients, we know that investing in companies that are socially responsible is important.  That is why we offer a wide selection of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) options for you to choose.

Responsible investment is an umbrella term to describe an investment process which takes environment, social, ethical or governance considerations into account. This process complements (or is incorporated into) the usual fundamental investment selection and management process.


Diversified Funds

AUG0001AUAustralian Ethical Balanced TrustPDS
ETL5785AUGlobal Ethical FundPDS
AMP0452AUResponsible Investment Leaders Balanced Fund - Class APDS


Sector Funds

Australian Shares
HOW0121AUAlphinity Sustainable Share FundPDS
AUG0020AUAustralian Ethical Advocacy FundPDS
AUG0019AUAustralian Ethical Larger Companies TrustPDS
RFA0025AUPendal Ethical Share FundPDS
PER0116AUPerpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI FundPDS
Australian Shares Emerging
AUG0018AUAustralian Ethical Smaller Companies TrustPDS
International Shares
FSF0908AUGeneration Wholesale Global Share FundPDS
HOW0002AUPengana International EthicalPDS
AMP0455AUResponsible Investment Leaders International Share Fund - Class APDS


For more information about each of the investment options, please refer to the Fund Information documents or relevant PDS.

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