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Fees & Costs

Freedom of Choice Employer Service Fees

Type of FeeAmount
Investment FeeNil
Member fee$100.00 p.a.
Administration Fee for Employer Service (for members invested in investment options other than AMG MySuper)
Account BalanceFee p.a.
First $250,0000.79%
Next $250,0000.71%
Amounts over $500,0000.10%
Buy/sell Spread0% up to 0.55% depending on the investment option selected
Switching FeeNil
Exit FeeNil
Advice fees relating to all members investing in AMG MySuperNil
Other Fees and Costs^
Indirect cost ratio for AMG MySuperNil
Indirect cost ratio (other than AMG MySuper)0% up to 7.34% of assets p.a. depending on the investment option

^ Other fees may apply, including activity fees, advice fees for personal advice and insurance fees. Please refer to the ‘Additional explanation of Fees and Costs’ section in the Reference Guide for further details.

More Information

This is a summary of the fees and costs of the Freedom of Choice Employer Super product. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about this product.

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